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Group of International Investors Visiting Slovenia

Ljubljana, 12 October (STA) - A group of international investors started on Wednesday a three-day visit to Slovenia, during which they will hold a series of bilateral meetings, attend a business conference and get acquainted with the Slovenian investment environment.

The visit of around ten investors is organised by the Slovenian consulate general in New York and the Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments (JAPTI) in cooperation with US consultancy Going Global Ventures.

The investors will visit the Ljubljana Technology Park, where they will meet representatives of new Slovenian start-up companies, as well as the head offices of various companies and organisations.

They will also take part in an international conference, dubbed the FDI Summit, taking place in Ljubljana on Thursday and Friday. One of the goals of the conference is presenting Slovenia as a springboard for Central and Southeastern Europe.

"Investors have an interest in diversifying their investments, this is why Slovenia is interesting," acting Consul General Melita Gabric said, adding that the visit was a follow-up to the Investing in Green conference which took place last September in New York.

According to Gabric, the consulate will organise next year a series of visits of representatives of Slovenian companies and institutions to New York, to enable them to present investment projects to potential investors.

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