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GZS Seeking 46 Recovery Measures

Ljubljana, 26 November (STA) - The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) has published a list of 46 measures businesses would like to see implemented in order to put Slovenia back on the path to recovery. Signed by over 500 business representatives, the Agenda 46+ includes proposals in the fields of the rule of law, business environment, development and exports.

On the rule of law, Agenda46+ includes proposals for an overhaul of the judiciary that would cut court backlogs by implementing a corporate-style management with associated performance accountability.

Businesses would also like to see the tax administration (DURS) automatically start bankruptcy procedures against companies that are over one year behind with payments of taxes and contributions, coupled with faster and more effective bankruptcy procedures.

As a measure to restore trust in managers, Agenda46+ also proposes a new criminal offence related to syphoning off of funds in companies.

In the business environment, businesses want better efficiency of public administration, including a system of accountability and performance rewards.

They also want labour costs cut by 10% through lower sick leave compensations, a cap on employer social contributions, unpaid lunch breaks and other changes.

They also recommend an overhaul of the pension system and an upgrade of the healthcare system that would cut rights stemming from health insurance.

To achieve a new developmental momentum, Agenda46+ includes proposals to kick-start investment and support innovation, whereas to boost exports, the business would like to see the government relax the visa regime for foreign businessmen and ensure a higher level of engagement of state institutions in the process of internationalisation.

Agenda46+ was drafted on at the 7th Slovenian Business Summit, which took place on 14 November in Brdo pri Kranju. GZS said that the list of measures was to lend a hand to politicians as they prepare reforms to turn around Slovenia's ailing economy.

"Slovenia is dominated by mistrust, pessimism and general passivity, which is why we urgently need quick, effective and positive changes," GSZ wrote on its website.

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