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Households Telecoms Costs Level in 2013

Ljubljana, 30 December (STA) - Household spending on electronic communication remained roughly level in 2013 compared to the year before, according to a survey by the Agency for Post and Electronic Communications (APEK).

The monthly costs of internet, TV and fixed-line telephony averaged EUR 44.60, down 60 cents over the year before, which ends a three-year rising trend.

Meanwhile, the cost of mobile telephony averaged EUR 49.10, which is an increase of EUR 1.20 over the year before but is still below the average for 2011.

Nevertheless, over a half of the respondents said the costs of mobile telephony were too high.

The survey shows 97% of Slovenian households have mobile phones, with the average household possessing two or three mobile devices.

The survey was carried out for APEK by Valicon between 21 November and 1 December.

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