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Hribar Milič Re-elected GZS President

Ljubljana, 23 May (STA) - Samo Hribar Milič was elected for another two-year term at the helm of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) as the general assembly of the powerful association met on Thursday.

Efforts to make business more influential tops Hribar Milič's list of priorities in the coming two years. "We want to be stronger in changing the Slovenian business environment," he said.

Under his watch, the GZS will also strive for "rule of law, faster changes in banking and financial transactions, and above all for creating better conditions for the economy," he said.

Looking ahead, Hribar Milič said he wished he could look back upon his term in two years seeing that the crisis is over, that the system has been de-bureaucratized and that Slovenia is optimistic about its future.

Hribar Milič was named the head of GZS in June 2011, when the general assembly decided to merge the roles of president and general director.

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