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Industrial Prices Down in October

Ljubljana, 21 November (STA) - Slovenian industrial prices dropped marginally in October, retreating by 0.2% at the monthly level and 0.5% year-on-year, the Statistics Office said Thursday.

Energy prices decreased by 1.2% over the month before and intermediate goods prices and capital goods prices dropped 0.2% each. Consumer goods prices remained flat.

The prices of exported products were 0.3% lower than in September 2013 while products sold on the domestic market were 0.1% cheaper.

At the annual level energy prices were down 2.6% and intermediate goods were 1.3% cheaper while the prices of capital goods rose 0.2% and those of consumer goods by 0.4%.

The output prices were down 0.9% on the non-domestic market and 0.2% on the domestic market.

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