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IT Company Xlab Wins NASA Challenge

Ljubljana, 03 July (STA) - Ljubljana-based IT company Xlab has won this year's NASA World Wind Europa Challenge dedicated to sustainable solutions ion Europe. Xlab started using NASA'a World Wind programme and developed tools that won the challenge. NASA will shortly integrate Xlab's improvements into World Wind.

Luka Mulej, head of business development at Xlab, told the press on Wednesday that the award was very important because NASA's World Wind is used by a number of US NGOs and government services.

Gaea+ is a real-time renderer of geospatial information. In the past years, Xlab developed several tools based on the World Wind programme core under the Gaea+ brand.

Among others, Xlab's tools are used by the Slovenian Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Administration, the Alpine Association, the Association of Municipalities and Towns, and several fire brigades.

Xlab employs some 70 people. It develops advanced communication and cooperation software and hi-tech solutions used in medicine.

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