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IT Consumption Continues to Fall

Ljubljana, 20 October (STA) - The overall expenditure for hardware, software and IT services in Slovenia fell by 13.6% to 912 million US dollars last year (the drop in euros is 9%). The biggest decline was in hardware, a survey has shown.

According to the survey conducted by market research and analysis firm IDC, consumption for information technology (IT) amounted to US$444 per capita or 53.4% of the EU average in 2009, down from 56.8% in 2008.

Slovenia is quite behind some Scandinavian countries - in Denmark per capita expenditure for IT was US$1,953 and in Sweden US$1,534 - but ahead of Poland (US$215), Bulgaria (US$142) and Romania (US$71).

IDC analysts expect IT consumption to grow at an average annual rate of 4.4% in the coming five years to come close to US$1.1bn in 2014, although they also project a new fall for this year.

"IT consumption was strongly impacted by the crisis in Slovenia in 2009 and 2010. The economic recovery will enable a growth in in the IT market only in 2011," a senior analyst at IDC Adriatics, Katarina Rojko, says.

This year IT consumption focused on technology that cut costs, bring fast returns on investment or allow for better transparency or oversight.

Market shares are growing for solutions enabling a transfer of capital investment into operative costs such as outsourcing and cloud computing.

Among industries, the biggest investors in IT in 2009 were communication companies, public service and transport companies; their expenditure represented 26.2% of overall IT consumption.

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