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IT Services Market Down in 2009

Ljubljana, 07 June (STA) - The Slovenian information technology (IT) services market was worth US$ 341m in 2009, which is an 8% contraction on 2008 measured in US dollars and a 3% shrinking measured in euros. IT outsourcing was the only segment to record growth, shows an analysis published on Monday by the IDC market research and analysis firm.

According the Slovenian subsidiary of IDC, the drop in IT services spending would have been even worse had most deals not have been arranged beforehand. Still, 2009 brought a breaking down of projects into several phases, delays or even cancellations.

"The continuation of the economic crisis will also hamper investment into IT this year, however wishes to cut costs with the help of new and alternative IT solutions will contribute to growth in some IT service segments."

The crisis has merely sped up changes on the IT services market as well as the IT market in general. The crisis was felt strongest in project-based and less so in support IT services.

Growth was meanwhile recorded in IT outsourcing. "More and more users are aware of the possibility of cutting costs by using advanced solutions from external experts."

Most IT users found it enough to merely maintained their existing IT environment, while investments were mostly about cutting costs and increasing competitiveness.

Hermes Softlab remained the leading Slovenian IT services company at home as well as abroad.

The main investors in 2009 were financial institutions, the state administration and telecommunication companies, which together accounted for almost half of the total money spent on IT.

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