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Italian Eyewear Maker to Dismiss 150 Workers

Ormoz, 04 May (STA) - The Ormoz-based eyewear products maker Carrera Optyl, owned by the Italian group Safilo, will soon cut its workforce by 150 to some 900 workers due to a drop in demand, the company said on Wednesday.

Carrera Optyl blames market instability and an increasingly uncompetitive environment in which the company operates for the drop in orders.

The economic crisis hit the company hard at the end of 2008 and in 2009, which prompted the management to announce 303 layoffs, although only 152 workers were subsequently dismissed.

Since the situation did not improve in the second half of 2009, another 350 layoffs were announced in September that year, but only 35 people received notices, as orders started picking up again.

In 2010, demand increased so much that the company rehired 280 workers.

"Given the fact that the company did not dismiss 350 people in 2009 as announced, we can say that the newly announced cuts in the workforce by 150 workers is still 200 fewer layoffs than originally announced," the company pointed out.

The management asserted that all procedures concerning the layoffs would be carried out in agreement with the trade union and the works council.

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