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Izola Marina on sale for just under EUR 6 million

Ljubljana, 02 October (STA) - The outright stake in the operator of the Izola Marina has been put on sale, with the official receiver of its owner setting the asking price at EUR 5.96 million and accepting bids until 4 December.

The announcement by Maura Chiarot, the receiver in the company Universe Service, which controls Marina Izola through the subsidiaries Porting and Marinves, was publishes on Wednesday in the newspapers Finance and Primorske Novice.

Bids will be accepted until 4 December, and the potential selection of the best bidder will take place on the following day in Italy's Pordenone, where the receivership proceedings for Universe Service are being conducted.

The Izola Marina, which has a total of 700 berths and is mostly used by sailors paying the annual fee, has been on sale for some time.

Primorske Novice recently reported that the interested buyers include the Polič family from nearby Lucija and Ante Guberac, the chairman of the Koper-based construction company Grafist.

Either way, in addition to the asking price, the buyer will also need to pay an approximate amount to the Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo to pay back a loan dating back from the construction of the marina and other liabilities.

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