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Jobless Total Down to Below 99,000 in March

Ljubljana, 06 April (STA) - Slovenia's registered jobless total dropped by 0.9% in March on the month before in the first monthly fall in more than a year and a half. Still, the number of unemployed registered with the Employment Service was up 24.1% year on year to 98,893.

The Employment Service said on Wednesday it had registered 7,455 newly jobless in March, which is up 8.9% from February and down 16.1% from March 2009.

Out of these, 1,018 were first-time job seekers, 1,627 lost their job because they were made redundant or because their companies went bust, while 2,966 were made jobless because their fixed-term contracts expired.

On the other hand, 5,112 of the 8,346 people removed from the unemployment registry found a job or got self- employed in March. This makes a rise of 26.7% on February and an increase of 43.4% year on year.

Employers published 13,545 job openings, an increase of 15.6% on February and a fall of 4.3% on March 2009. Compared with March 2008, when the crisis had not set in yet, job openings fell by 31.5%.

Data from the Health Insurance Institute shows that 7,681 people got hired on previously published job openings. The figure is 17.2% drop on March 2009.

The structure of the unemployed has changed. There are more men than women among them, while also higher are the shares of those aged 25 to 49, and those who were made redundant or lost their job as a result of a bankruptcy.

The first quarter of the year saw the number of registered unemployed drop by 16.7% year on year to 24,953. The number of those who found a job in this time rose by 49.7% y/y to 14,178.

Employers published 37,923 job openings in the first quarter, which is down 5.5% on the same period last year. Demand for workers declined most in mining, construction, financial and insurance services and public administration and defence.

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