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Juteks Launching New Plant in Russia

Zalec, 13 January (STA) - Juteks, the Zalec-based floorings maker, will inaugurate a plastic flooring manufacturing plant in Kameshkovo, a city in the northeast of Russian capital Moscow, at the end of this month, in an investment worth EUR 36m.

Company official Breda Hladnik told STA on Wednesday that Juteks had invested EUR 20m in the equipment and a further EUR 16m in the infrastructure. The construction started in 2008 and test operation was launched in October 2009.

The new plant will enable Juteks to double its production facilities. The company sold two million sq metres of floorings in Russia and nearby markets last year, while the plans for this year envisage sales to increase to 6 million sq metres.

The plastic floorings made in Russia will be cheaper from those manufactured in the Slovenian city of Zalec because the company would no longer have to pay customs duties, and transport and exchange rate costs will decrease.

Juteks put out 10.7 million sq meters of floorings in its Slovenian plant last year and plans about the same volume for this year. The management hopes to sell two million Russian-made floorings in Europe and transatlantic markets.

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