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Krka Overtakes Gorenje as Biggest Exporter

Ljubljana, 24 March (STA) - Pharma company Krka became Slovenia's biggest exporter in 2013, overtaking home appliances maker Gorenje, which had occupied the top spot for two years, according to rankings compiled by the daily Delo.

Krka's exports were up 6% year-on-year to EUR 1.11bn, representing 93% of total revenue.

Gorenje's exports were virtually flat on the year before at EUR 1.07bn, accounting for almost 86% of total revenue.

The Renault-owned car maker Revoz is in third (EUR 644m), followed by steel group SIJ (EUR 569m) and aluminium maker Impol (EUR 431m).

The rankings are based on self-reported data by 127 companies which account for 44% of Slovenia's total exports last year.

Just 21 companies had exports worth over EUR 100m last year and the majority of them are industrial firms.

Top exporters, in EUR m and as % of total revenue:

Krka 1,114 93% Gorenje 1,065 85.9% Revoz 644 98.4% SIJ 569 86.3% Impol 431 94% Cimos 408 96% Kolektor 351 80% BSH Hišni aparati 309 90% Hidria 224 87% Talum 216 78%

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