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Krka the Biggest and Best Slovenian Company

Ljubljana, 31 May (STA) - Drug maker Krka tops the rankings of the best and the biggest Slovenian companies published by business daily Finance on Monday.

On the list of the biggest, Krka is followed by retailer Mercator and telco Telekom Slovenije, whereas in the rankings of the best it edged power utilities GEN energija and HSE.

The Finance ratings consider not just sales (oil company Petrol has more than twice Krka's sales), but also profit, return on equity, assets, the number of employees and growth in sales and profit.

The decisive factor in the rankings this year was net profit, where Krka is the top dog with a huge margin, with a net profit of EUR 170.8m.

Negative bottom line spelled disaster for the likes of port operator Luka Koper, logistics group Intereuropa and the beverage group Pivovarna Union. Conversely, foreign non-trading companies climbed in the rankings.

* Biggest companies (by sales, net profit, EBITDA, capital, assets, employees)1. Krka (pharmaceuticals)2. Mercator (retail)3. Telekom Slovenije (telecoms)4. HSE (power utility)5. Lek (pharmaceuticals)6. Petrol (energy)7. Revoz (car assembly)8. Mobitel (telecommunications)9. Gorenje (household appliances)10. Merkur (retail/wholesale)

* Best companies (by sales growth, EBITDA growth, ROE, ROA, EBIT margin, value added per employee)1. Krka (pharmaceuticals)2. GEN Energija (power utility)3. HSE (power utility)4. BSH Hisni aparati (household appliances)5. Dravske elektrarne Maribor (power utility)6. Mobitel (telecommunications)7. Knauf Insulation (manufacturing)8. Simobil (telecommunications)9. Revoz (car assembly)10. TE-TOL (power/heating station)

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