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Krka Tops Finance's List of Best and Biggest Companies

Ljubljana, 28 May (STA) - Drug maker Krka emerged at the top of the lists of best and biggest companies in Slovenia for 2013 published by business daily Finance on Wednesday.

It is the second time that the Novo mesto pharma group, which has been a mainstay at the top of the list of biggest companies, has also topped the list of best companies in the same year. It previously managed the feat in 2010.

On the list of the biggest companies in Slovenia, which the paper compiles on the basis of revenue, profit, capital and number of employees, Krka is followed by state motorway company DARS, grocer Mercator, electricity maker HSE and energy group Petrol.

The list of the best companies, which factors in sales growth, gross profit growth, return on investment and assets and added value per employee, features prefabricated house maker Riko and drug maker Lek in second and third place.

Rounding out the top five on the list of best companies are house appliance maker BSH Hišni aparati and automotive textiles maker Filc, which share fourth place.

While there has been no change in the top three biggest companies, Krka traded places at the top of the list of best companies with Danfoss Trata, which fell to sixth.

Riko was the big gainer on the list of best companies, soaring 45 spots to second place. Lek was up six spots in third.

The companies which make up the 101 biggest companies in the country made a net profit of EUR 427m in 2013, while those on the list of best companies reported earnings of EUR 923m. The latter represents a 25% increase over the companies included on the list a year earlier.

* Biggest companies (by sales, net profit, EBITDA, capital, assets, employees)1 Krka (pharmaceuticals)2 DARS (motorways)3 Mercator (retail)4 HSE (electricity)5 Petrol (energy)6 Telekom Slovenije (telecommunications)7 Lek (pharmaceuticals)8 Gorenje (household appliances)9 Revoz (car assembly)10 Pošta Slovenije (postal services)

* Best companies (by sales and profit growth, EBITDA growth, ROE, EBIT margin, value added per employee)1 Krka (pharmaceuticals)2 Riko (construction)3 Lek (pharmaceuticals)4 BSH Hišni aparati (home appliances)4 Filc (autmotive parts)6 Danfoss Trata (valve maker)7 Simobil (telecommunications)8 Količevo Karton (packaging)9 LTH Ulitki (aluminium products)10 Livar (foundry)

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