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Labour Market Bill Passed in Unanimous Vote

Ljubljana, 28 September (STA) - MPs endorsed in a unanimous vote on Tuesday the labour market act, a part of the labour reform package that increases unemployment benefits, expands eligibility for benefits and strengthens active employment policies.

The act, which replaces the employment and insurance against unemployment act, aims to increase the security of people looking for a job, especially those unemployed and those whose job is in peril.

Unemployment benefits for the first three months out of job will rise (from 70% of the average wage in the last eight months to 80% of the average wage in the last 12 months) and eligibility expand to include those employed for at least nine months in the last 24 months.

Workers older than 55 who have worked for at least 25 years will receive unemployment benefits for 25 months, a month more than under the existing legislation. Also, those earning up to EUR 200 net a month will retain their benefits.

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