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Labour Market Reform Passed in Unanimous Vote (I)

Ljubljana, 05 March (STA) - The National Assembly passed two pieces of legislation aimed at overhauling Slovenia's labour market in a unanimous vote on Tuesday. The reform should tackle market segmentation and increase its competitiveness.

The reform employment relationships and labour market acts are the product of five months of negotiation between trade unions and employers. They are designed to make it easier for youths to get full-time jobs and encourage companies to hire by making it less expensive to lay off employees.

Key provisions involve cutting the maximum notice period to 80 from 120 days, and introducing redundancy pay for fixed-term contracts in a bid to lower the segmentation of the labour market. Also introduced is a 25% cap for temping agency workers, except for small employers.

While the reform labour market act was backed by 83 MPs and none against, the reform employment relationships was backed by 68 out of the 77 MPs present with abstentions due to disappointments entertained either by the unions or by employers.

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