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Lighting Company Opens Photometric Lab

Miren, 08 June (STA) - Intra Lighting, a company from the western town of Miren, opened on Wednesday a photometric laboratory for researching lighting, which the company had previously done at the Ljubljana Faculty of Electrical Engineering or abroad. The EUR 4.7m worth lab was built in collaboration with the Economy Ministry.

The lab with a goniophotometer, a photometer designed to measure the intensity of light reflected from a surface at various angles, is the only one with such equipment in Southeastern Europe and will help the company obtain data about luminaires' efficiency and calculations for lighting design for buildings.

The project, prepared in cooperation with industrial groups Hidria and Trimo and worth EUR 12m overall, will enable comprehensive lighting design for buildings or space.

Backing the project, Matej Novak of the Economy Ministry told the press at the presentation they were glad to assist in a project that can compete on the global level.

Intra Lightinig founder and CEO Marino Furlan said the new laboratory will help them create even more energy-efficient lighting and luminaires, which now stand between 85% and 92%.

Intra Lighting has been developing lighting solutions for business buildings and public spaces for the past 21 years and has recently launched a new series of domestic products with a chain of retail stores around Slovenia.

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