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Limited Progress for Slovenia in Implementing EU Digital Agenda

Brussels, 24 July (STA) - Slovenia has made only limited progress in the implementation of goals under the EU's Digital Agenda, according to an EU report on the electronic communications market which shows serious delays in particular in rural fixed broadband.

Fixed broadband is not yet available to all Slovenians and the basic fixed broadband coverage is below the EU average. The figure is "much worse in standard fixed broadband coverage in rural areas," shows the report for 2012 and 2013, which was released earlier this week.

The report highlights below-average fixed high-speed broadband penetration, which operators attribute to lack of market demand.

Indeed, the report says that a large majority of fixed broadband subscriptions in Slovenia are at speeds below 30 Mbps even if the technology allows for subscriptions with higher speeds.

Mobile broadband coverage, on the other hand, is above the EU average, as as basic (HSPA) coverage reached 99.1% and LTE coverage exceeds 63%.

Nevertheless, Slovenia still lags behind in actual use of mobile internet, as mobile broadband penetration was at just over 42%, almost 20 percentage points below the EU average.

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