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Maribor Airport Up for Rent

Maribor, 09 July (STA) - The Transport Ministry published on Friday a call for bids for a 30-year lease on the use of the infrastructure and the management of the state-owned Maribor airport. The deadline for bids is 7 September.

Currently rented by Aerodrom Maribor, a company owned by the troubled car-seat covers maker Prevent, the Edvard Rusjan Maribor Airport is Slovenia's second biggest airport.

The new lease holder will be chosen on the basis of several criteria. The key elements will be the rent the bidders are willing to pay, the business and development plan, the number of potential new jobs, and projections regarding air transport levels.

While bidders have to secure EUR 70,000 in bank guarantees, the ministry reserves the right to reject all offers if it finds them inappropriate.

Moreover, the potential new lease holder will have to sign an additional contract with Aerodrom Maribor, which owns parts of the airport's infrastructure, including the car park.

Several Slovenian as well as foreign investors have reportedly already expressed interest. The companies mentioned include postal operator Posta Slovenije, flag carrier Adria Airways, as well as the current lease holder.

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