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Minister Gaspari Discussing Corporate Governance at OECD

Paris, 12 April (STA) - Development and European Affairs Minister Mitja Gaspari is visiting on Monday the headquarters of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris. He will meet the head of the OECD Legal Affairs Directorate Nicola Bonucci and other high representatives of the directorate.

The talks will focus on corporate governance and changes in the area, and will present Slovenia's exit strategy, according to the Government Office for European Affairs and Development.

One of the key preconditions for Slovenia joining the OECD, which is expected in May, is the opinion of the OECD Steering Group on Corporate Governance, which will meet on 21 April.

The steering group will vote on Slovenia's bill on management of state-owned shares and bill on the transformation of the state-owned KAD and SOD funds; the latter is on the agenda of the April session of the National Assembly.

If the steering group approves the legislation, Slovenia will be invited to join the club of the richest and most developed countries at a session of the OECD Council on 27 May.

Slovenia, which would become the 33rd member, was invited to start accession talks in May 2007, eleven years after filing its request for membership.

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