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Minister Presents Measures Cutting Red Tape in Construction

Ljubljana, 02 July (STA) - Infrastructure and Spatial Planning Minister Zvonko Černač presented on Monday in greater detail changes to the spatial planning legislation adopted by the government last week. The changes aim above all at cutting red tape in construction projects.

"Our to allow the user, the investor in a small, less demanding, project to construct the building in a relatively short period and with less funds spent on various permits," the minister said.

The minister added that the government wished to simplify the administrative procedures for construction permits for single-family homes on the Austrian model, where "four sheets of paper are enough to get the construction permit".

Legislative changes moreover expand the list of works that do not require a construction permit and abolish the requirement to obtain an operating permit for single-family homes, among other things.

The government also wants to speed up adoptions of national zoning plans. To illustrate the problem, Černač said that his ministry was to file into government procedure a zoning plan dating back as far as 2001.

The government aims to reduce the period of zoning plan adoption to one to two years, the minister said.

"We see everywhere certain terms that are not normal and which prevent normal execution of investment activities, also where there are funds available, and especially when our strategic position is concerned - above all in railway modernisation."

"Therefore we are shortening terms and setting them at 15, 30 maximum 60 days," the minister added.

Under the planned changes, the ministry will also no longer be required to approve municipalities' zoning plans.

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