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Mobitel Introducing HSPA+

Ljubljana, 07 April (STA) - Slovenia's biggest mobile operator, Mobitel, introduced among the first in Europe the newest mobile internet access technology HSPA+. Mobitel turned on the access to the new technology for all its internet service users as part of a promotional period, the company said on Wednesday.

According to a press release from Mobitel, the new function will remain free of charge at least until the end of the year.

The HSPA+ upgrade theoretically allows speeds up to 21.6 megabits per second, which is comparable with fixed high-speed broadband access.

However, the actual speed still depends on signal quality, network usage and other typical mobile network factors.

Mobitel currently has almost 700 transmitting stations throughout Slovenia, a third of which already support the HSPA+ technology, but upgrades of others are being carried out rapidly, the company added.

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