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More Than Third of Internet Users Shop Online

Ljubljana, 24 December (STA) - Thirty-seven percent of Slovenian internet users make online purchases at least a few times a year, according to a survey commissioned by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber.

The polling company Valicon, which conducted the MOSS survey, said that online shopping is more popular with men than women; 64% of those who said they had made a purchase on the web were men.

Among those who shop online at least a few times a year, men spent an average three hours more on the internet a month than women; while men spent 14 hours and 42 minutes browsing the net, women spent 11 hours and 36 minutes doing so.

The survey also showed that Slovenian consumers still prefer to trust domestic online shops as only 16% of the internet users make their purchases at online shops abroad.

One of the reasons is that online purchases abroad are as a rule more expensive because they also entail higher shipping costs, taxes and duty for purchases outside of the EU.

Young internet users are the most keen on internet shopping. While less than 7% of those aged above 55 shop online, 31% do so in the 25-34 age group. Users in this age group spent the most time on the internet (14 hours and 55 minutes).

One quarter of those who buy online at least a few times a year have the average monthly net income of between EUR 730 and EUR 1,100, while 19% earn EUR 365 to EUR 730 a month.

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