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Net Wages Flat in May

Ljubljana, 15 July (STA) - The average net wage in Slovenia was EUR 1,000.69 in May, which is 34 cents less than in April while the average gross wage (EUR 1,531.66) was level on the monthly level. However, in real terms both dropped by 0.6%.

At the annual level, gross wages rose 0.5% in nominal terms and net wages by 0.4%, according to data released by the Statistics Office.

The average net wage in the public sector was EUR 1,142.53 and in the private sector EUR 924.41.

The average monthly net wage was lowest in other various business activities, though it increased 1.1% with to EUR 706.79).

It was highest in finance and insurance (EUR 1,412.16).

In comparison to the previous month, the average net wages in May increased the most in mining (+4.4%) and finance and insurance (+3%), and decreased the most in agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting (-2.2%) and information and communication (-1.6%).

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