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New Slovenia Sections Added to EU List of Transport Projects

Brussels, 22 March (STA) - Several new transport sections in Slovenia have been added to the list of priority projects eligible for EU funding that EU transport ministers agreed on Thursday, the Infrastructure and Spatial Planning Ministry said.

Under the previous transport network system, dubbed TEN-T, Slovenia was part of the 6th priority project on the rail link from Lyon in France through Ljubljana and to the Ukrainian border.

The new scheme involves a core network to be completed until 2030, with the entire planned network scheduled for completion by 2050.

The core network now also involves rail links from Pragersko in the east to the Austrian border, from the Zidani most hub in central Slovenia to the Croatian border, and from Ljubljana to the nearby Jože Pučnik Airport.

The rail hubs Ljubljana, Koper, Obrežje and Dobova have also been included under EU links with third countries, while Ljubljana Airport and the Port of Koper have the status of core airport and port.

Slovenia wanted to include the entire rail link from Ljubljana and north to Salzburg and Munich among the core projects, but the section does not meet the standards for inclusion.

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