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NLB Selling Seized Shares of Skupina Prva

Ljubljana, 24 September (STA) - The NLB bank announced on Friday an auction for the sale of shares of pension insurance holding Skupina Prva which were seized by Slovenia's top bank as loan collateral. The starting price for the entire package of 31,674 shares, 12.94% of all Skupina Prva shares, is EUR 5.7m.

The auction will be called off if the owner of the shares, Amsterdam-based Poteza Netherlands, covers its debt before 11 October, the scheduled date of the sale.

Slovenian as well as foreign investors can participate, provided they provide a security deposit amounting to 3% the starting price or a bank guarantee.

Prva Group developed from Prva pokojninska druzba, which was established in December 2000. It established its first pension firm abroad in 2004 and is now present in Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania.

Its biggest owner is a Ljubljana-based firm called Dej with 51%, while EBRD follows with 20%.

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