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Number of Slovenian Internet Users Rising

Ljubljana, 26 May (STA) - The number of internet users in Slovenia rose 2% year-on-year in April, as 67% of the population aged 10-75 were online at least once a month, shows a survey of internet use in Slovenia.

Men account for 56% of internet users, and they spend more time online on average than women, according to the MOSS survey presented on Wednesday. The average age of internet users rose by two years to 35.

The habits of internet users have not changed much: 62% read online news at least once a week, 25% search for classifieds, 28% use online banking and 36% make several online purchases a year.

MOSS is carried out by pollster Valicon for the Advertising Chamber of Slovenia and combines a continued measurement of web page visits, an online survey and a telephone survey.

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