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Number of Tourists Rising, Summer Sees Substantial Improvement

Ljubljana, 21 September (STA) - This year has been successful for Slovenian tourism, as the first seven months saw a 6% rise in the number of arrivals and a 5% increase in the number of overnight stays. According to data from the central bank, the January-July period brought a 8.3% rise in revenues from tourism.

The improvement is the result of a higher number of visitors from abroad, especially in the summer months, while the figures are down slightly for domestic guests.

The number of foreign visitors was for instance up almost 20% in June, offsetting a 5% drop in the number of Slovenian guests. Similar figures apply to the number of overnight stays.

In July, increases of roughly 9% and 10% were recorded in the number of foreign visitors and overnight stays by foreign tourists respectively, while the drops for Slovenian guests were 2% and 4%.

According to the Slovenian Tourism Board (STO), 61% of the overnight stays in July were by foreign guests. Germans and Italians were the most frequent guest, accounting for 11% of overnights each, followed by the Dutch with 10%, Austrian, Belgians, the Czech and British with 5% each, and Russians with 4%.

A notable 26% increase was recorded in July year-on-year in the number of overnight stays by Belgian visitors. The number of Russian guests spending the night increased by 22%, of Austrians by 13%, and of the Czech by 11%. More than 10% increases were also recorded for the Dutch and Croats.

The STO also pointed to a 7% year-on-year rise in the number of tourists in Ljubljana in July, noting a rise in the number of visitors to city municipalities as well as the increasing popularity of active nature tourism resorts and "green tourism".

Moreover, standing out significantly from the Slovenian average were improved tourism figures for Maribor and the entire Pohorje hills area. In the January to August period, the number of tourists was up by 15% and the number of overnight stays by 8%.

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