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Number of Tusmobil Users Reaches 200,000

Ljubljana, 07 September (STA) - After little more than three years on the market, Tusmobil, the third-largest mobile operator in Slovenia, registered its 200,000th user on Wednesday. At the end of the first quarter of 2011, Tusmobil controlled an 8.1% market share.

Tusmobil's GSM/EDGE network covers 97.95% of Slovenia's populated territory and its UMTS network covers 75.76%. Its network currently includes 466 base stations, which are being upgraded with the advanced technology HSPA+, Tus Holding said in a press release.

The leading mobile provider Mobitel had a 53.9% market share at the end of first quarter, while the second biggest operator Simobil had a 29.6% share. Tusmobil in third place is followed by Debitel (4.5%), Izimobil (2.6%) and T-2 (1.3%).

Tusmobil, which Tus Holding is trying to sell to repay its loans worth EUR 450m, was the first Slovenian mobile operator who started selling advanced Huawei mobile phones this spring.

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