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OECD Report Suggest Public Sector Pay System Needs Change

Ljubljana, 28 September (STA) - The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) stressed in a report on Slovenia's public sector pay system that the government should continue pushing ahead with reforms in the public sector pay system, head of the OECD review team for Slovenia Caroline Varley told the press on Wednesday.

Varley moreover said that change was needed not only to consolidate public finances, but also because the system was not flexible enough and does not allow the autonomy within the public sector.

Public Administration Ministry human resources official Mojca Ramsak Pesec meanwhile believes that the report does not suggest that Slovenia should draft a new public sector pay system, but rather improve the existing one.

Ramsak Pesec moreover said that the OECD believes that Slovenia should implement mechanisms that would allow adapting pay to public finance capabilities and macroeconomic indices.

She moreover said that the single pay system should take into consideration of the specific nature of a particular post as well as ensure greater flexibility in determining an individual's pay when promoted.

Ramsak Pesek added that it should also be decided which issues would fall under standardisation and collective negotiations and which under management's decisions.

The presentation of the report was followed by a debate that was attended by various experts, including economist Joze Mencinger, former Public Administration Minister Gregor Virant, director of the government think-tank IMAD Bostjan Vasle, and unionists Branimir Strukelj and Janez Posedi.

The report that was presented in Ljubljana today is part of a larger report OECD is preparing on Slovenia's public administration that will review the public administration's organisation as well as its strategic planing and decision making, according to Ramsak Pesec.

Varley moreover said that the OECD did not make orders, but rather gave recommendations, upon which Slovenia could decide to act.

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