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Pahor Invites France to Bid for Billions-Worth of Deals in Slovenia

Paris, 08 March (STA) - Prime Minister Borut Pahor discussed French investments in Slovenia with French PM Francois Fillon in Paris on Tuesday, coming out of the talks by speaking of the possibility of several billion euros worth of investments which could be decisive for Slovenia's long-term competitiveness.

"We also discussed investments; French investments in Slovenia as well as Slovenian investments here and possible joint ventures on third markets," Pahor said after an hour-long meeting with Fillon on the second and final day of his official visit to France.

Pahor explained he had highlighted for his colleague the possibilities where France could make competitive bids, but of course do so under the same conditions as every one else interested in planned large investments, all of which will be subjected to international tenders.

"We wish that France would take a favourable stance towards participating in these tenders and give Slovenia the possibility of making a good choice when it comes to very important investments in Slovenia, possibly worth several billions and decisive for Slovenia's long-term competitiveness."

Fillon said he was happy that the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries came at the very time when Slovenia was celebrating 20 years of independence.

While arguing that trade had made good progress, Fillon noted that "new prospects" in economic cooperation were emerging.

He said France was an admirer of the economic policies of the Slovenian government and Slovenia's stability, which was a fitting example for the Western Balkans as well as for Eastern Europe.

Pahor added that France was among the top four Slovenian trade partners and that Slovenia's growth depended in many ways on the success of the French economy, much more so than the other way around.

The two PMs also devoted a lot of attention to competitiveness, with Pahor noting that "reforms have not been going down well with the public" in France and Slovenia alike.

"However, we both find that we presently have no other duty but doing everything that we find necessary to make our economies recover," Pahor said.

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