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Panel Urges Political Will for FDI

Ljubljana, 14 October (STA) - The final panel of the two-day FDI Summit development conference urged Slovenia to show political will for opening up to foreign investment, assessing that Slovenia has for been ambivalent about the issue.

One must want foreign direct investment and then take measures to attract it, former Economy Minister and opposition Democrats (SDS) MP Andrej Vizjak told Friday's debate in Ljubljana.

He added that the measures involved included lowering taxes and cutting red tape - something which the outgoing government failed to do.

Tomaz Oresic, an entrepreneur who recently appeared as a ministerial candidate for the coalition LibDems, went further, saying that Slovenia had not cleared up since independence whether it really wanted foreign investment.

This has meant that it has lacked credibility in attracting FDI, he added.

Economist Janez Sustersic, one of the potential candidates on a list being put together by former Public Administration Minister Gregor Virant, called for the state to be governed according to the principles of the private sector.

Slovenia has extensive possibilities for attracting profitable investments, but the state must become a credible partner to investors, he added.

Meanwhile, representative of the coalition SocDems Andrej Horvat said the outgoing government was busy foremost with ensuring social stability in Slovenia during its term, which is why it somewhat neglected competitiveness and foreign investment.

Miran Gajsek, a representative of the list being put together by Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Jankovic for the upcoming general election, called for the formation of a clear strategy in public infrastructure development.

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