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Peko Opening Shoe Factory in Serbia

Tržič, 24 April (STA) - The Tržič-based footwear manufacturer Peko, a market leader in the time of the former Yugoslavia, will open a factory in Serbia's Knjaževac in September in an EUR 1.75m worth investment, chairman Janez Sajovic has told the STA.

The plant in Serbia will put out 1,700 pairs of footwear daily, Sajovic said. Knjaževac was picked because of the local support there and a shoe making school, which is something Slovenia does not have.

The production of the spring-summer collection will be launched in September with around 100 workers, but the headcount is expected to increase to 300 within two years.

Sajovic said that the company so far had five partners sewing upper parts of shoes for them in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, the movement to one production point in Knjaževac will make this production more manageable.

The company has already started moving production to Serbia.

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