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PM Confirms Investors' Interest in Telco, Airport Operator

Brussels, 20 December (STA) - Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek said after the EU Summit in Brussels on Friday that investors were very interested in telco Telekom and airport operator Aerodrom Ljubljana, which the Slovenian government has put up for sale.

Bratušek said that following the bank bailout Slovenia will focus on restructuring its economy, helping the unemployed youth and reforming healthcare.

The ongoing bank recapitalisation is merely the basis for future work, she said, adding that privatisation would be a key part of economic restructuring.

She confirmed that there was much interest in Telekom Slovenije and Aerodrom Ljubljana, but would not provide any further comment on the issue.

She underlined that the government would "not be making deals haphazardly" and that privatisation procedures would be conducted in a transparent way.

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