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Poll: Slovenians Deem Bankruptcy Possible but Avoidable

Ljubljana, 24 September (STA) - As many as 57% of respondents in a poll published by the daily Delo on Monday believe Slovenia's bankruptcy is possible, but 47% of them are convinced that the country is capable of getting out of the crisis on its own. About 42% believe the country will have to ask for international aid.

Confident that Slovenia will be able to solve its problems on its own are mostly people with higher education (63%), potential voters of the ruling Democrats-SDS (63%) and pensioners (54%).

While more than a half of the respondents think that it is possible that the country goes bankrupt, 38% think this is out of the question.

Statements by politicians that Slovenia is nearing a Greek scenario were assessed as realistic by 35% of the respondents, 32% thought they were politicizing and 26% perceived them as intimidation.

Turning to measures with which Slovenia could prevent the deepening of the crisis, 53% said that layoffs in the public sector are urgently needed, while 40% said this is not urgent.

If Slovenia was forced to ask for EU aid, it would be best to form a technocratic government, 35% of the respondents believe, while 29% deem early election as the best solution and 26% think the incumbent government should continue its term.

Some 66% of respondents believe the opposition should be more proactive, 19% think that it is merely obstructing the government and 10% think it is being constructive.

The poll was conducted by Delo's in-house pollster Delo Stik on 20 and 21 September and included 504 respondents.

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