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Postal Company Boss Says Logistics Holding Bad Idea Right Now

Ljubljana, 19 July (STA) - Ales Hauc, the boss of national postal company Posta Slovenije, believes the time is not right for forming a Slovenian logistics holding. He told Monday's edition of daily Dnevnik that such a move does not make sense in a time when the companies that would comprise the holding are drowning in red figures.

"When upon our initiative we signed a letter of intent with Slovenske zeleznice, Luka Koper and Intereuropa on establishing a Slovenian logistics platform, all four companies were doing excellent. Lack of interest on the part of all players, aside from us, prevented the project from coming to life."

Now that the railway operator, the port operator and the shipping company are all in huge trouble, "I find that the formation of a holding does not make sense", Hauc commented on the idea that is being considered as part of the restructuring of Slovenske zeleznice.

Hauc, who would take on the salvaging of the railways separately, feels that that the companies involved would first need to start operating in the black again.

Turning to Posta Slovenije, Hauc said the state-owned postal company would soon announce a major development in the field of strategic cooperation.

Unwilling to disclose any details, he explained that several letters of intent had been signed with different European postal operators in recent years. The decision was made to focus on strategic partnership in the areas of express and package shipping.

"A visit by the Serbian government is expected in September, which should finally bring an agreement with their postal company. As regards the Macedonian post, I can tell that the Macedonian government has already requested a due diligence report for their company."

He announced a possible acquisition "of a certain stake in the Macedonian post, which is much smaller than Slovenia's, but has very good prospects, since Macedonia is a EU membership candidate country". Hauc said that if the Macedonian government publishes a call for bids, all will depend on the conditions for acquisition.

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