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Potocnik Calls for Solidarity and Responsibility in Eurozone

Ljubljana, 07 May (STA) - Noting that the situation in the eurozone was very serious, Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik of Slovenia called on Friday for solidarity and responsibility as he commented on reactions to the aid to Greece. People should not forget about things which $hold Europe together and which have changed it for ever$, he said.

"I'm surprised with how easily some are ready to forget about the things we have been building in Europe for more than 50 years," Potocnik said as he delivered a talk on modern challenges in a globalised Europe at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law.

"When you are a member of a group, you have both benefits and obligations. Everybody has to look at this and the problems in the eurozone with some responsibility," the Slovenian commissioner added.

Potocnik believes that the eurozone needs serious shifts in the "organisation of mutual life" and better coordination of macroeconomic, fiscal and structural policies.

"Because we have the same currency, we need to have the same compass," he said, adding that the Greek crisis had forced eurozone members to reflect on what is sustainable and "what systems are necessary for the matter to remain stable".

Potocnik assessed that the biggest problem of the EU is reactive action, meaning that it only reacts to certain problems. Prevention is better than cure, should be a guideline, he said, also pointing to the issues in the area of environment.

According to him, energy, climate change, global security and pandemics have become a global challenge. "The 21st century is a century of great fragility, in which the principles of sustainability and global management should be in the focus."

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