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Poultry Producer to Build Poultry Manure Biogas Power Plant

Ptuj, 26 August (STA) - Poultry producer Perutnina Ptuj will build a state-of-the-art biogas power plant at one of its former poultry farms in a village near Ptuj (NE). The plant will produce electricity and heat using gas produced in poultry manure fermentation. The investment is estimated at EUR 6m, which the company expects will return in a decade.

Perutnina Ptuj CEO Roman Glaser told press on Thursday that the power plant would be one more step toward the company's energy self-sufficiency and better management of secondary raw materials.

The power plant will produce 999 kW of electricity and twice as much as heat. The energy will be produced by bio-gas produced in anaerobic fermentation of bio-substrate.

The electricity produced at the facility, which will equal 25% of the poultry producer's total needs, will be put into the power grid. Some 30% of the heat will be used in the process of production, while the rest will heat a nearby feeding stuffs plant.

Bojan Pahor of Perutnina Ptuj's energy division said that the facility would be completely self-contained, functioning as a closed building. The plant will have an air-filtering unit and will also reuse the water it needs to function.

The technology developed by the German company that was chosen to build the facility enables the use of biomass containing up to 70% of poultry manure and between 25 to 30% of corn, while most other technologies demand a considerably higher proportion of corn.

However, Perutnina Ptuj's plans have already seen opposition among the locals, who fear that the facility would produce toxic gases and stench up the village of Drazenci.

Glaser stressed today that the facility would use only the most modern technology and its impact on the environment would be minimal.

According to unofficial data, there are 13 biogas power plants in Slovenia. There are more then 4,700 such plant in Germany.

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