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President Opens Advanced Active House by Prefab House Maker Lumar

Medvode, 16 May (STA) - A demo active house was opened by President Borut Pahor on Thursday. Manufactured by prefab house maker Lumar, the energy efficient house, fitted with intelligent climate systems and own solar capacities, is currently the most technologically advanced house in Europe, Lumar CEO Marko Lukić said.

The house is built entirely of environmentally-friendly materials, which have the biggest impact on the environment in the stage of production, Lukić said.

"This will be something very valuable in the future," he stressed, adding that the materials used in the house can easily be reused or recycled.

The house includes an own solar plant, solar collectors for hot water, skylights, rainwater gathering for sanitary purposes and watering as well as smart installations. The latter are designed to be easier to use than mobile phones, Lukić said.

"I stand right in front of the answer to the questions often asked in the time of crisis, and that is how will we get out of it," Pahor declared at the opening event.

"We will get out of the crisis thanks to people with a business vision, those who can think through the perspective of tomorrow and are capable of making products or service that can compete at home as well as abroad," the president said.

Lukić stressed the house was entirely a product of Slovenian know-how. "We believe that knowledge can give us a relatively secure future. This is especially true for companies coming from a sector that is as demanding as construction," he stressed.

He added it was time to get rid of the thinking of yesterday when it seemed that being crafty is all you needed for success. Today, time has come for those who believe in knowledge, he said, adding that the state should also learn this lesson.

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