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Probanka Group Reports EUR 6.5M in Gross Profit

Maribor, 21 January (STA) - The group around the Maribor-based Probanka bank generated EUR 6.5m in gross profit last year. Chairman Romana Pajenk highlighted at Thursday's press conference in Maribor that deposits from the non-banking sector were up 17% on 2008.

Long-term deposits of the non-banking sector even doubled, which the chairman interpreted as a sign of a boost in clients' confidence in the bank.

"We have retained our position in the Slovenian banking space with a 2.48% market share, while data shows that last year Probanka again grew faster than the banking system as a whole in major segments."

Apart from the above-average growth in non-banking sector deposits, Pajenk pointed to growing retail deposits and a 9% rise in loans to the non-banking sector.

Probanka increased its total assets by 7% to EUR 1.274bn at the end of 2009, while its capital adequacy was at 10.35%, which Pajenk said was above what the law required.

The chairman also highlighted that Probanka brokered 14.5% of the turnover on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange last year, thus topping the list of stock exchange members.

She said the bank prided itself on winning the title of best e-bank, given out by the Kapital magazine.

Pajenk announced a minor capital injection and a bond issue for the first half of this year. The bank also plans to continue with takeover activities.

Asked about the bank's policy of management buyout crediting, Pajenk declined to quote concrete data, but said the share of such loans was insubstantial.

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