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Probanka Selling its Stockbroking Division, Pension Fund

Maribor, 04 December (STA) - Probanka, a small bank that is undergoing controlled liquidation, is selling its stockbroking division and Delta pension fund. The bank invited on Wednesday potential investors to submit non-binding bids by 20 December.

Both divisions are being sold off with the staff, the business daily Finance said, adding that well-informed sources believe potential buyers are more interested in the clients than the people managing the assets. A compromise would have to be found, Finance quotes sources as saying.

The paper moreover said that Probanka and Factor bank, the other small bank being wound down under state supervision, have already asked stock brokerage companies informally whether they would be interested in such an acquisition.

Probanka intends to sell its office network in the spring and Factor banka is to sell off the healthy part of its portfolio at around the same time, Finance says.

Both banks are still active as brokers on the stock market. In November, Probanka was the 15th biggest broker in terms of volumes on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, moving EUR 600,000. Deals brokered by Factor banka amounted to EUR 3.3m in the same month.

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