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Radeče Papir Receiver Accepts EUR 42.478M Worth of Claims

Celje, 03 August (STA) - The creditors of paper producer Radeče Papir, which has been in receivership since April, have filed EUR 91.261m worth of claims. Receiver Borut Soklič has accepted EUR 42.478m worth of claims, mostly by banks.

Soklič conditionally admitted another EUR 14.328m worth of claims, while he is contesting the rest, mostly because they had been filed more than once.

The majority of the admitted claims are claims by banks: EUR 9.215m by the NKBM bank, EUR 8.594m by the Austrian Raiffeisenlandesbank, EUR 6.41m by NLB, and EUR 4.54 by Abanka Vipa, show data released on Friday by the Agency for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES).

The figures come after Soklič published two months ago a call for bids for the entire company with a one-month deadline. The liquidation value of the company's real-estate stands at EUR 8.5m and all other assets were evaluated at EUR 6.5m.

Two bids arrived, the only valid being by Turkish company Saray from Ankara. Saray offered EUR 15.4m but reserved the right to change the price after carrying out due diligence, which was said in July to take between one to two months.

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