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Registered Unemployment Rate Drops to 12.5% in August

Ljubljana, 16 October (STA) - Slovenia's registered unemployment rate in August stood at 12.5%, which is 0.2 percentage points less than in July and 0.3 points down year-on-year. The rate dropped by 1.7 percentage points between January and August, according to data published by the Statistics Office on Thursday.

The total number of registered unemployed persons stood at 114,784, which is 1.2% less than in July and 1.6% less than in August 2013.

The number of registered unemployed men stood at 56,100 or 11.2% of all working-age men, while the number of registered unemployed working-age women stood at 58,600 or 14.2%.

The registered unemployment rate for men in August (11.9%) was lower than that for women (13.9%).

The working-age population totalled around 916,500, or 1,500 fewer than in June and 6,700 more than in August 2013.

The number of persons in employment decreased at the monthly level by around 100 to 801,724, of which 55.8% were men.

There were 704,861 persons in paid employment in August, up 0.9% year-on-year, and around 96,863 self-employed, which is 0.2% more than in July and 2.3% more than in August 2013.

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