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Registered Unemployment Rate Rose to 14.2% in January

Ljubljana, 18 March (STA) - The registered unemployment rate in Slovenia was up for the second months in a row in January as it rose 0.7 percentage points to 14.2%. The number of registered unemployed persons increased by 5,800, the Employment Service said in a press release on Tuesday.

The headline rate increased by 0.7 percentage points to 13.7% for men, and by 0.6 points to 14.9% for women.

A total of 129,843 persons were registered with the Employment Service in January, which is 5,800 more than in December. The registered unemployed figure increased by more than 11,100 in the October 2013-January 2014 period.

The registered unemployment rate was up in all age groups in January. It was the highest for persons aged between 15 and 24, at 34.5%, and the lowest for the 40-44 age group, at 9.2%.

The number of persons in employment in January 2014 stood at 781,561 or around 9,700 fewer than in the month before and 7,100 fewer than in January 2013.

The number of persons in employment decreased the most in agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors, and construction, while it increased the most in IT.

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