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Revoz Presents New Renault Twingo

Novo mesto, 09 September (STA) - Revoz, the Slovenian subsidiary of car maker Renault, presented in Novo mesto on Tuesday its new model of the Twingo city car. The new Renault Twingo, which will hit the Slovenian market on Wednesday, will be available available with a choice of two engines, three equipment packages and with additional tuning equipment.

According to Renault Nissan Slovenija, the new city car will cost between EUR 9,000 and EUR 12,000. The company expects to sell some 200 cars on the Slovenian market this year and another 600 next year.

The last model of the Twingo was launched seven years ago, while the production of the new Twingo started at the Novo mesto plant in early May.

The plant makes 600 new Twingo cars a day, Revoz management member Franci Bratkovič told the press today, adding that the plan for this year was to produce a total of 120,000 Renault vehicles.

Twingo is being produced exclusively in Novo mesto and about 30% of the car parts are made in Slovenia.

Currently, the plant employs 2,400 people, but according to Bratkovič the company is preparing for a possible increase in demand for the new Twingo.

At the moment, the car is being produced in two shifts, but in case of an increase in demand, the company would switch to two and a half shifts or even three full shifts. In that case, about 400 more people would be employed.

The new production line is a part of the Edison project, which includes the production of the new Smart Forfour city car. The project is worth a total of EUR 450m, which includes EUR 22.5m in state subsidies from Slovenia.

Revoz CEO Patrice Haettel noted that since the end of August, the plant was producing only the new Twingo and the Smart four-seater, whose production was increased somewhat a week ago.

Renault Nissan Slovenija pointed out today that both cars had been carefully designed and manufactured to offer the most in their class and that a special emphasis was on their quality. A special feature of the new Twingo is a rear engine.

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