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Revoz To Assemble New Smart and Twingo Models as of 2013

Novo mesto, 07 April (STA) - The Novo mesto-based Revoz, the Slovenian subsidiary of French car maker Renault, will start assembling new Daimler's Smart and Renault's Twingo models in 2013, Revoz said in a press release on Wednesday. This comes after Renault, Nissan and Daimler presented today a partnership in developing a new city car.

The three car makers will cooperate both in terms of funds as well as in development and technology. Revoz will take over the next generation of four-door Smart model and the new Twingo.

Both models will be built on the same chassis, although the exterior of the car will differ by brand.

Revoz said it was too soon to talk about the effects this will have on its assembly line and the number of jobs in Novo mesto.

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