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Road Cargo Transport Down in 2011

Ljubljana, 01 May (STA) - Lorries registered in Slovenia transported 76 million tonnes of cargo in 2011, down 5 million from the year before, according to the Statistics Office. Inland transport declined, while road transport of cargo abroad increased slightly.

In 2011, inland transport accounted for 70% of the total volume of cargo transported by roads, but only 13% of the total 16,439 million tonne-kilometres done by Slovenian lorries.

Abroad, lorries transported 30% of the total volume and 87% of the total number of tonne-kilometres.

The import-export ratio of tonne-kilometres remained level to the year before.

Most cargo was transported in 2011 by lorries carrying up to 10 tonnes and their average age was between four and six years.

Bulk cargo, especially ores and rocks, accounted for the majority of the total goods transported.

Exporting Slovenian lorries transported the most cargo to Italy (32%) and Germany (15%) and the most cargo brought into Slovenia was transported from Italy (32%) and Austria (19%).

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