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Road, Rail and Air Transport Down in 2009

Ljubljana, 26 October (STA) - A drop in the volume of cargo and number of passengers was recorded in road, rail and air transport in Slovenia in 2009 compared the year before, the Statistics Office said on Tuesday.

Rail, road and air carriers transported 138 million passengers, a 6% drop compared to the year before.

Only maritime traffic recorded an improvement with nearly 78,000 passengers, up 50% compared to the year before.

Road carriers transported 75m tonnes of goods (-17%) and notched up 14.7bn tonne kilometres (-9%), while rail carriers transported 13m tonnes of cargo (-24%) and made 2.6bn tonne-kilometres (-24%).

Slovenian airports and ports also recorded a drop in the traffic of goods, by 27% and 19% respectively.

Only the sole Slovenian shipping company, Splosna plovba, increased cargo transport by 14% but made 5% fewer tonne-kilometres than in 2008.

The share of road transport in total transport stood at 85% in 2009, a slight rise on the year before.

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