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Sealing Products Maker Donit Hopes to Grow by 30% in Coming Years

Medvode, 18 January (STA) - Donit Tesnit, a Slovenian maker of sealing materials, gasket products and solutions has announced plans to strengthen its brand and become one of the top five leading producers of sealing materials. The company has high expectations following the recent takeover of DISSeurope, an independent sealing solutions provider from Belgium.

DISSeurope's founder and owner Johan De Sloovere became Donit's CEO in January and told the press this week that opportunities for growth lie both in Europe, which is the company's key market, as well as outside of Europe.

De Sloovere, who believes that Donit can grow in the coming five years without major investments in production, said that the Medvode-based company is presently among the ten leading companies in the field of sealing products, but the idea is to make it one of the top five.

DISSeurope is seated close to the Antwerp port, which is of strategic importance, since a lot of industry is present there that needs sealing products.

"It is important to be close to the industry," Tomas Vucurovic of MSIN, Donit's owner, added, explaining that the takeover should boost sales on existing markets as well access to new markets, especially those of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries.

No expansion is planned in terms of production, which will remain in Slovenia, Vucurovic, who expects 30% growth in the coming five years, moreover announced.

Donit Tesnit has around 200 workers in Slovenia, three in Belgium and one in China, where it has a warehouse, and expects the number to stay similar if not increase in the coming years.

The company, which generated EUR 15.5m in sales revenue last year according to preliminary data, sells its products in more than 64 countries, exporting 92%, a quarter of which to outside of Europe.

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